Monday, January 24, 2011

My Newest Toy - Leica D Lux 5

Move over old toys, there is a new toy in town! Most of the old toys are as happy as I am, but one of them looks a bit worried... After three years of owning a Leica D Lux 3, which I used everyday, I decided it was time for the D Lux 5. I am not one to have the lastest thing, especially when it comes to camera equipment. If you know me, you know that my favorite cameras are my vintage Polaroids and my Holga. They are all very lo tech, analog film cameras. My Nikon D SLR is 8 years old, which is ancient in digital terms. Some professional photographers upgrade their cameras ever few years or more but I just don't see replacing something that I am comfortable using and that serves my needs. There is a certain snob factor in photography and because I don't like showing up to gigs where the client has a newer and better camera than I do (although it is true that it is not the camera but the eye of the photographer who knows how to use the camera...) I did sell my D70 recently and bought a D90. I will post on that soon. While I was selling things and saving money I decided to upgrade my Leica point and shoot. I LOVE Leica. And I bought my D Lux 3 after a lot of research. I wanted a point and shoot that I could bring everywhere, even travel with, when I didn't want to bring and babysit my "big" camera. The Leica D Lux series of cameras are pretty much D SLRS without being able to change lens. I can use the camera fully manual or select the aperture or shutter speed, or use program mode or auto. The D Lux 5 can even support an external flash unit. My Leica has been my constant companion for photographs of my kids and pretty much everything you see on this blog. She is now on her way to her new home, with photographer Barbra Ziemer, who has promised to take good care of her. So now, to get to know my new little beauty. I will be sharing the results with you in each post...

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