Friday, September 3, 2010

Why, Hello There!!

Zoe Charlotte & Avery Emily, my newest nieces (I have 6 now!!)

It has been ages! I do apologize. I was away for 4.5 weeks. In the course of those weeks my family and I visited three states (Maine, Minnesota, & Wisconsin) and two provinces (Ontario & Quebec), went to a family reunion (Andre's mom's side of the family), a wedding (my brother), a heartbreaking funeral (a friend's child), the arrival of our twin nieces (my other brother & his wife; my brothers are twins & the mother of my sister-in-law is also a twin), visited my grandfather's grave, stayed with my grandmother, stayed at my best friend's, stayed at my dad's cabin, and went to many, many wonderful friend and family functions and stayed in many cozy homes... it was wonderful! But I have negelected my blog. The only thing I have had time to do on the computer is upload photos from each day and from the photo sessions I was able to do with clients, family, and friends. NOW IT IS TIME TO GET BACK TO BLOGGING! I thought about it a lot while we were gone, and I have come up with some new ideas for this old blog. I am excited to get started and I hope that those of you who enjoy reading this (and who may have missed me, like I have missed you) will be happy with the changes. Stay tuned...