Friday, September 10, 2010

365 Days With Kiddos - #4 - Your Child's Art - Stage a Home Art Show

As an artist, I have had my work in many exhibitions. I enjoy getting ready for these shows by creating, framing, and hanging the work, then inviting people to come and view it. You and your child can do the same with their creations. Gather them together, select the ones you each like the best, hang them on the wall using tape or wall tack or frame and hang them. You can use frames you have around the house or you can go on an outing to find some at yard sales and thrift stores. You can hang the works in a straight line at eye level or make a collage wall by putting the pieces on varying levels. If you would like to title each work, you can make a title card out of scrap paper, or you can even cut up a piece of art that isn't going to be in the show. Using a black marker or crayon, you or your child can write the title of the piece on the card, then hang them on the wall next to each work of art. Then, have your kids make invitations to invite friends and family to come to their show. They can use some of their artwork for the invitations as seen in this post. If you would like to serve refreshments at your child's show you can try this homemade lemonade and strawberry skewers with honey yogurt dip. Or you can support your local bakery by picking up something fresh and tasty. The show doesn't have to be large nor the food fancy. The point is to highlight the recent efforts of your little artist, with a few friends or family members, in a way that shows your child how important and valued they and their creations are.

If you don't want to hold a small art show at your home you can look for opportunities in your community for your child to share their creations. Our local library holds an annual child's art show that is open to all children. There are always many participants from ages 2 - 12 years. The works runs the gamut from painting and drawing to photography and collage to mixed media and assemblage and is very impressive. They have an "opening" for the kids, complete with live music performed by kids, and food and drinks contributed by the artists and their families. The Library Art Show is something my daughter looks forward to every year. She feels like a star and it is fun for us to find her work on the wall, as well as that made by her friends, at the opening. After the big night, the work hangs in the library for one month where the community can view it. I can't say enough about how special it is for the kids to have their art showcased in a authentic and grown up way. These sorts of events help to support and to ensure a future for our budding artists.

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