Sunday, September 26, 2010

365 Days With Kiddos - #8 - MAKE Sidewalk Chalk

Yes, you read that right. I have to admit that while I make a lot of things, I was both inspired and delighted by the idea of being able to make chalk. Every time Quin writes on the driveway, front steps, or deck with chalk, it brings me back to my childhood. I love the bright colors of the hearts and Qs that are scrawled everywhere. And I love getting in on the action. But why make sidewalk chalk when you can buy tubs of it for so little? Well, why make anything? For me, I enjoy it, and my Quin enjoys helping. I find making things we can easily buy at the store a great way to teach my kiddos things in a way that they enjoy learning. As many people who sew know, these days it is NOT cheaper to sew clothes than to buy them. So many things that used to be cheaper to make are now available for super cheap. My top motivated in making something is not saving money. Making something with my hands, spending time with my kids, using local resources, recycling or upcycling items that might get throw away, and learning something new come first. I also like to know what is in things and to be able to personalize things. Which brings me to the sidewalk chalk. It uses simple ingredients and tools that most people have around the house. It is non-toxic (although I would never let my kids eat it, plaster of paris should never be ingested), can easily be made with kids assisting, and can be personalize by the colors they choose and the molds that you have. Plus it makes a great gift. Because I wrote this tutorial for the wonderful crafty website, Craftbits, I will not re-write it here but will direct you to the project link on their site. Have fun!! And please let me know if you currently make chalk or if you are inspired to by this post...

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