Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 Days With Kiddos - #3 - Your Child's Art - Documentation & Storage

Are you looking for ideas for showcasing your child's artwork that doesn't involve hanging it on the fridge? Do you have so many of your child's art projects hanging around that you need to find a better way to store them? Is your child like my daughter, who can't bear to part with anything she made? Here are some ideas...

* Hang your child's art work on your walls. You can frame it or just use wall tack so you can change it from time to time.
* Put a cheery painting on your front door to greet your visitors and yourself. I blog about how-to in this post.
* Roll up flat art and store in a mailing tube.
* One of my favorite ways to document the art that my daughter makes, especially the 3-D items, is to photograph them. She also gets in on the action using her toy digicam. Then, we can show the creations to others and include them in photo albums. Since we begun doing this she has an easier time parting with the work we can't keep.

Do any of your have information to share on how you store your child's art? Please leave me a comment...

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