Thursday, September 23, 2010

365 Days With Kiddos - Update & #7 - Eat Dessert FIRST

I am enjoying the 365 Days With Kiddos posts and have received nice feedback. In an effort to blog on other topics I have decided that the 365 Days posts will not necessarily be daily but there will be 365 of them.

Winter technically starts on December 21st, although here in the Canadian Rocky Mountains it could be winter any time. We woke up to 20 cm/ 7 inches of snow yesterday! We even made a snowman which I was going to blog about but have decided that since for most of you, there are still months of autumn left, I will stick with general or fall themed ideas and hold off on winter ones... although, I am aware of our friends from all over the world, in places that are now spring, like Australia, so maybe it doesn't really matter what I post when. It will continue to be a hodge podge with no real rhyme or reason. That said, on to #7...

Do you EVER eat dessert first at your house?! We don't do it very often. In fact, the first time I ever mentioned it to my husband, we didn't even have kids and he responded like I was suggesting something really radical. In fact, I believe his exact words, accompanied by a concerned look, were "But you will spoil your dinner!". It was priceless. I thought my mom was in the room. My Aunt Helen is probably the only person who ever fed me dessert before a meal, although my Dad may have done it, too, but I blocked it from my memory for fear my mother might find out. The point is, it was done only often enough that it was seen as an enormous treat, something that was special and just a little sinful. I am vaguely recalling a friend telling me that they have ice cream sundaes before dinner, or maybe it is for dinner, once a month. WOW! So go ahead, make your kiddo's eye go wide as if you have lost your marbles, EAT DESSERT FIRST!

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