Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kickin' It Old School With My New Retro ORANGE Pentax Camera Case!

My dear friend, Kim, and I, like to check out the local thrift stores and rummage sales when we can. And should one of us be out hunting for treasures without the other, we pick up items for each other. Kim recently found an awesome camera bag for me for $4 bucks. Now, that would be a steal for any functional camera bag but this one is ORANGE, which just happens to be my favorite favorite color (although I don't like to discriminate, I like all the colors in one form or another). When she brought it over I was so excited! It is so nice to have a friend who knows something that screams "me" when she sees it. And extra nice that she picks it up for me.

Now, as a professional photographer, I have tons of camera bags, because I have tons of cameras. Only two are digital, my Nikon SLR and my Leica point-and-shoot, and the rest are analog; various 35mm SLRs for film, plenty of Polaroid cameras, a bunch of point-and-shoots for film, a 4x5, an argus, a yashica mat twin-lens reflex, and of course, my Holga with Polaroid back. These all live in various camera bags, some of which were made for them, some of which were not. Case in point, my Holga with Polaroid back, which produces Holgaroids. A Holga is a plastic camera that is so simple and unpredictable that the artistic possibilities are endless. And adding a Polaroid back to a Holga not only increases the fun, it makes the camera a complete tank. Case in point, see the photo above. (Yes, that is green masking tape, all the better to keep the Polaroid back from falling off when I am taking a photo...). If you are interested in checking out some of my Holgaroids, here are some shots on my Flickr.

Soooo, up until now, my Holga was living in a much-too-short-but-wide-enough-to-house-it Polaroid Spectra case. Which meant my Spectra was either naked or living in some other case which didn't suit it. NOW, thanks to this orange case, my Spectra gets her home back, and my Holga AND all of her accessories, which were living in the super small Holga case, can live in luxury in the retro goodness of the Pentax case.

A place for everything and everything in it's place. Ain't life grand? Thanks, Kimmers! Now, I need to get busy making some new camera straps...