Friday, December 11, 2009

Book Recommendation - Art's Supplies by Chris Tougas

I love children's books. I used to read them even before I had a child. I strive to write one someday, hopefully sooner than later. I live in Canada. There are far fewer children's book publishers here than in the US. We do have a wonderful organization called The Canadian Children's Book Centre where Canadian's can find out about Canadian writers and illustrators. I like to look for Canadian children's books when we go to the library. They make it easy by putting a Canadian sticker on the spine. I am also drawn to kids books about art and art making. I recently came across Art's Supplies by Chris Tongas. Like most books for children about art, it is colorful and well illustrated. The story is about Art and the party he threw with his supplies. It is full of puns and knock knock jokes, both of which children love. My favorite joke in the book is:
"What's the one thing an artist can't draw? ... A good wage!"
Haha. Much truth is said in jest...

This book is published by Orca Book Publishers. It is $19.95. Check it out for your favorite little artist this holiday.

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