Thursday, August 27, 2009

Why Do Dandelions Get Such a Bad Rep?

Just look at this beautiful vintage card of a dandelion that I picked up at a recent rummage sale. I am using it to illustrate my point, which I started thinking about the other day, when Quin, Emmanuelle, and I were walking back from Playground Pals, Quin's favorite summer activity. There were tons of dandelions that were ready to have their seed blown on the wind, and Quin was eagerly pulling them up and giving them a blast of air to send them on their way. I happen to love dandelions both when they are yellow and when they are white, although I probably like them best when they are white. They may be a weed but they are at least cheery. And you can make wine out of them. And tea. And the greens are good in salads. And you can weave them into dandelion crowns. Plus when I pick one up to blow on it, it reminds me of childhood. Just look at the images below, the first from two summers ago and one from this past spring. Have you picked and enjoyed a dandelion lately? It could be time that you did.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

I've always thought dandelions got a bad rep; I love 'em! Think they are beautiful at any stage.

Patty said...

Go to the library-get the book
The Dandelion Seed.
You'll love it!

robayre said...

I like dandelions too. Probably more the yellow than the puff white. I like the idea of the puff white ones more, but since I have to mow my parent's massive yard, the idea isn't as pleasant.
I like salads with dandelion greens, but for whatever reason I'm afraid to pick them myself and eat them, but I know my rabbit loved them!

Tiffany Teske said...

Thanks fellow Dandelion Lovers :) Patty, I just checked the library for The Dandelion Seed. They don't have it but I will put in a request for them to order it. Thanks for the tip!