Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Lovely Little Birthday Party

What could be better on a lovely Saturday afternoon but a birthday party for a little friend? Good fun for the whole family!

I was drooling over this sweet little art studio in the yard of my friend's friend, where the party took place. It has its own little wood stove inside, for those chilly winter days. I am soooooo envious!

Quinny bakes some more cake for the party...

Organic yellow watermelon, anyone? Why, YES!!

I know they are dreaded plastic but who can pass up a rainbow?

A little winged friend left behind some beauty...

I love the texture in this chair, my breezy summer dress, and the retro awesome linoleum pattern.

Soon there will be a sunny sunflower in this pot!

What year is it? Hard to tell isn't it?

Wee friends enjoy some healthy snacks before we bring on the cupcakes.

Even this tiny ant won't pass on a cupcake. Thanks for the delicious treats and for a wonderful party!

If you would like the cupcake recipes you can see this post and this post...

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