Saturday, August 15, 2009

Taste of Calgary 2009

Vegetable Empanadas
JC Latin Taste Inc (Gluten Free)

Alberta BBQ Beef on a Bun
Fourth and 4th
4th Ave and 4th Street SW

As if my family and I have not had enough time on the road lately we decided that in our quest for good food we should attend the Taste of Calgary. The three hour round trip from Banff proved to be worth it. The weather held out with clouds and chilly wind at lunch time and some nice warm sunshine by dinner. There was no charge to attend the festival and $2 parking all day in the lot so we were able to enjoy both lunch and dinner there and we were able to run errands in between. If you have never attend this sort of smorgasbord the way it works is that you purchase tickets and then spend them at each booth. The tickets were .75 a piece. We bought 40 tickets for $30 at both lunch and dinner. And we also brought along "Uncle" Casey, since we are always happy to have third "parent" around who can lend another set of eyes, shoulders for carrying, and additional fun to the mix. I believe that Casey bought 25 tickets at each "meal". In the end we visited 16 restaurants' out of 30 and sampled 23 delicious items. Each item ranged in "price" from 3 - 6 tickets or $2.25 - $4.50. There was also live music in the beer garden which offered drinks from 17 bars. My husband did go in for a quick brew and said there was a "lively party in there". This area was fenced off from view so it was still a great atmosphere for families and party animals alike. There was even a small marketplace that showcased everything from handmade wares to imported treasures from India and Latin America. All in all it was well worth the trip to be able to sample so many foods from all over the world in one place in one day. There was something for everyone including my 3 year old and my vegetarian self. And I even bumped into a friend whom I have not seen since she moved from Banff to Calgary! Alana McGregor, used to work for Park Radio in Banff and she once interviewed me about my commitment to use recycled materials in my art work. You can read more about that in this post. She now works for Country 105 in Calgary. It was great to see her! And I must admit to being a bit envious after she told us there was enough food to feed an army in her booth. When you have the power to talk on-air about the restaurants at the Taste of Calgary the world is your oyster. Lucky girl! Now let's get to more food...

BBQ Beef Rib
Ric's Grill
1436 - 8th Street SW

Curry Chick Peas and Potatoes
Ginger Beer
Jamaican Patties in Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable
Carribean Choice
2235 Centre St NW

Banana Split Mini Melts Ice Cream

Pad Thai
Ruan Thai
1324 - 11 Ave SW

Korokke - Curry Mashed Potatoes - MY Favorite thing at the festival
Shibuya Izakaya
449 16th Ave NE

Salt and Pepper Ribs
Wild Rose Bison Burger
Brewsters Brewing Company (5 locations in Calgary)

Rare Milk Chocolate Cheesecake
Chicago Chophouse
664 - 8th Ave SW

Graham Cracker Crusted Calamari - MY Second favorite item, although my friend, Alana, said their Three Layered Bruschetta is amazing.
La Vita Bella
401 - 12th Ave SE

Adorable Kitty, a tribute to my friend, Serena :)

Belgo Signature Smoked Brisket with Pineapple Mustard
501 - 8th Ave SW

"Uncle" Casey, playing the third parent

Roast Lamb on Pita with Tsatziki
Also had the Spanakopita
1101 - 14th Street SW

Apple Strudel
Australian Canadian Society and Club

Sweet Chili Chicken Wings
Sura Korean
2320 4th Street NW


robayre said...

we have something similar to that here at the Taste of Chicago, held the week of Fourth of July. Your food looks better than what I remember at the Taste though, and not so crowded.

Serena said...

Everything looks so yummy! I was so happy to see the lucky cat picture and even happier when I saw it was for me :)

We used to have a foodie thing in Winnipeg called "Taste of Manitoba" it was awesome! sounds just like what you went to in Calgary!

Tiffany Teske said...

Robs, I miss you, finally got over to your blog tonight. Serena, yes, the cat is for you. I think I might make it into a transfer... I smell a trade, do you?!