Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Purple Monkshood

We came home from our holidays to a back garden that was lush and green, thanks to Mother Nature and our neighbor. We have only lived in this house about a year, so this year, when my friend, Hannah, and my husband were planting perennials and annuals, (while I was busy with our new babe) they were not completely sure about two clumps of plants that were growing like wild fire. We all thought they were weeds, but decided to let them have a chance for this season, to try to solve the mystery. Well, as it turns out, they did bloom while we were away, and the moment I spotted them upon our return I knew exactly what they were! Purple Monkshood. I photographed these once for a card line I sold in Maine. They make me nostalgic for my old home. I miss Maine.

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