Sunday, August 3, 2008

Natural Silver Polish

Wow, I am THRILLED this worked! I bought two real silver vintage dessert forks at the thrift store for a mixed media piece I am working on. They were tarnished and I wanted to polish them. I wanted to do it gently so the silver glowed more than shined. I have a bottle of Tarnex, which I am not really sure why I bought it. It was expensive and it is a dangerous chemical. I looked up a natural way to polish silver. I took an aluminum cup that I found years ago, which is holding pens, and filled it with warm water and a couple tablespoons of salt. I put the silverware in it and left it for about a half an hour. When I came back, I rinsed it off and buffed it with a dish towel. It looks beautiful! And no elbow grease. I am going to return the nasty tarnex!

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sheasy said...

This is a great tip. Someone once suggested toothpaste - which worked but made a horrid, horrid mess not to mention toothpaste is not all that good for the environment either.