Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eco Cab

Twice today, once in Banff, and once in Canmore, I saw a light green car with "Eco Cab" written on the side. Turns out, I saw both cars in the two car fleet of environmentally friendly taxis owned by Marcus Groton of Canmore. Groton has a degree in sustainable design and experience in the taxi business. His hybrid taxis, one a Toyota Prius, the other a Camry, are on the road for 100,000 KM a year. These Eco Cabs have been around since last year and they use half the gas of normal taxis, while producing less than half of the pollutants. Groton also prints his promotional materials on recycled paper and uses green chemicals. If I have reason not to walk home I will definitely call the Eco Cab!

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