Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from Ottawa...

...and a side trip to Maine. It was an awesome trip! I didn't do a whole lot of relaxing, not that I even know how. I had 16 photo sessions with past clients. It was really nice to see everyone and I even had one new client thanks to word of mouth from a couple clients. Nothing beats word of mouth. Thanks guys! It rained a part of every day that we were in Ottawa. It has been that kind of summer. I only had to reschedule one session on account of rain, which is amazing.

Quin and Andre got to spend lots of quality time with family while I was off working and seeing friends, and I did get to see family, too. They were quite understanding about my absences, what with the new house and new carpet, paint, etc to pay for.

I hope to have a chance in coming days to post about the highlights of the trip. I will start with a trip to my good friend, Karina Bergman's studio.

I was lucky to see Karina twice on the trip, which was not enough, but I am happy to see her new space to create. I guess I should say new to me, since she has been there for over a year now. Karina works mainly in fiber and performance art.

She also does some great sidewalk drawings at festivals and such. She is a great friend and truly understands where I am coming from when it comes to art issues. Actually, I am thankful to be surrounded by many talented artist friends. Here are some images from Karina's studio. Thanks for the visits, Karina, I miss ya!

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