Wednesday, October 27, 2010

365 Days with Kiddos - #16 - Get Your Child a Library Card and Watch Their Imaginations Grow

Ok, ok, for those of you who know me, you are probably saying, ok already, Tiffany LOVES the library. Yes, yes, it is true. I can't imagine a week going by without going to the library. It is a regular activity for us. We have TONS of books in our home but we still go to the library each week to check out books. Why? Because it is fun to get out in our community, to meet friends there, and to get to pick whatever strikes our fancy and bring it home. Where else can you do that? Where else do you have access to so many wonderful opportunities to explore materials that aid in better imagination? My oldest daughter watches about 2 hours of television a week but she "reads" several books a day on her own and 3-4 with my husband and I at bedtime. She actually turns the TV off to read a book. This may just be her personality, but I believe it is because she has always been surrounded by books, has been taken to the library, and she sees me reading all the time. If your child has not been read to or has not shown an interest in books it is never too late to start. Children just love to spend time with their parents so if you suggest sitting down and reading a book, they are almost sure to respond favorably. And the more you do it, they may start to request it. Reading is something that takes a little bit of time but is time well spent. Even if you are not much of a reader, your child will not care or judge you. They will appreciate your attention. A good way to get a child to participate in reading time is to allow them to pick the books you will read. This is where the library comes in. You don't need to purchase tons of books, you can borrow them from the library. Our library is free but we also have a card for the library in the next town, which costs $12 a year. It is money well invested. Most libraries have day and evening hours so if you have not been to your local library why not make a plan to visit soon?

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