Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goodbye, Michael Jackson...

I am not really all that into celebrity culture. In fact, I would not be a celeb (well, maybe an ART or Craft celeb) if you paid me a million dollars. If I see one common thread that runs through MOST, not all, celebrity, it is that there is never enough money, fame, drugs, whatever. And no one is really happy, especially not in love. Of course, I only know what I see on magazine covers, which are not reliable sources, so maybe they really are all happy... Sadly, I am not too sure about Michael Jackson's level of happiness. And the only reason I am writing a blog post dedication to him, is that he truly was my first heart throb. Yes, before I loved River Phoenix, Axl Rose, Prince, or Johnny Depp, I loved Michael Jackson. I had this poster of him on the wall in my room and I (no kidding) kissed it before I went to bed at night. I wanted to be Brooke Shields. I watched Thriller so many times (not an easy feat back then, I had to rent it from the movie store and later had to tape it on the VCR, and replay it! MTV started in late 1981 but we didn't have cable...) that I still can see it playing in my head when I listen to that song. Thriller was genius, and I still love Vincent Price... anyway, MJ was a BIG part of my young life. I was just contacted on Facebook the other day by a friend from 5th grade who was getting in touch because of his death. She remembered how much he meant to us both back then. I must admit that by junior high I no longer had a thing for Michael. From time to time I would like one of his new songs. And I always thought of him fondly. I was shocked to read on my inlaws computer during a recent visit that he had died. I was uploading our trip photos and just happened to open a window that announced it. I was shocked, and saddened. Thanks for the memories, MJ... RIP.


Bri said...

That's so funny. My dad totally had a farah fawcett poster in his room when he was growing up and I bet you that he did exactly the same thing.

Jimmy said...

Michael's death is even a shock for me. If it would have been a natural death then it was ok as everyone has to leave. But reuters say he was killed, murdered..and thats something pity if the police cant catch the convicts. It seems his wealth only became the reason for his death.

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