Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bamboo Pendants for Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine

So much to post, always so little time...

I made this pendants back in April for a charm swap that was hosted by Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine. Participants could make up to five charms and then receive the same number that they made back from other participants.

I wanted my pendants to be unique from what other people made so each one showcases one of my Polaroid transfer images on a bamboo tile. These are the same pendants that I sell in my Etsy shop but I added some beads and fiber elements.

I was quite happy with them and hope the people who received them felt the same. I put each pendant in a organza gift bag along with some loose beads in the same color palette and a business card (which was asked for by the magazine for ID purposes). I packaged them up in a box which I covered with sheets of the color copies I use when I make the pendants. The September/October issue will showcase a bunch of the charms and I am hoping that mine may have caught their eye.

I have no idea if most people made five of the same charms or if they made individual ones like I did. I will blog about the ones I received in a separate post, as I would like to make something out of them soon... I would also like to write a tutorial on making bamboo pendants at some point, which I will post for free here, but will also sell in my Etsy shop.

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heavens earth said...

I am so jealous of the five people who get your pendants!