Saturday, July 12, 2008

Miss Me??

We moved into our new home last weekend!! As seems to be the way I do things, I also completed a bunch of new firsts in the midst of house renovations, packing, unpacking, cleaning, tripping over things, and trying to find toilet paper, a frying pan, and my underwear. I started a new job, working two days a week at my friend Pam's children's boutique, Silver Spoon (big bonus, Quin comes with me to work!); I taught a mosaic mirror making workshop for kids at the Banff Library (not the first time I teach this but the first time I teach a course for the library and it was awesome); I am working on a whole new body of work for a solo show in Ottawa in August at the d'OMMA Gallery (my first show of work containing mostly recycled materials, aside for adhesives and paints). And, as luck would have it, our internet, which should have been on at the new house as of Monday, was JUST CONNECTED TODAY, Friday, yes, 5 DAYS after it should have been. Needless to say, this has caused my blogging to grind to a screeching halt, and has made it quite difficult for me to answer all the emails I have received about booking photo sessions during our upcoming Ottawa/Maine trip. Sheesh. I guess with all the other things going on, it was better I could not hook up to the net. However, when I can't get on the net, that is when everything happens (when it rains it pours). In this case, everything is that Where Magazine in Ottawa, asked for images of my new work so they can feature me in their Hot Art Sections (Yippee!!) AND Jamie Ribisi featured me as one of her Fine Art Etsy Finds (Double Yippee!!) which lead to 6 new sales (Triple Yippee!!!). Thank goodness I am back, ahhhhhh, technology, I love ya!

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