Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dishwashing, The Clean Way

Ok, so we have finished up our poluting, offensive, not-so-healthy dish washing detergant, which by the way, in liquid form as not doing a very good job in our ancient, non-efficient dishwasher. Just in time for making a change. We are in the process of moving to our new home, which although it was built in 1980, came to us complete with new energy efficient (and stylish at that) appliances. I am excited and ready for the challenge of making our dishwashing detergant and handwashing soap. I should not really say "challenge" as it is easy-peasy. That is if you can find the materials, which was a snap at our local small grocery store. They seems to carry everything that a planet-conscious DIYer needs. I know, we are lucky. I will put the recipes here, hoping that you, too, are able to find the contents...

These recipes are from the book, Green Clean.

Dishwasher Soap
1 part Borax
1 part Washing Soda (mine is Arm and Hammer)
Container any size

Mix in the container and use in place of commercial detergant. You may find a soap film on your dishes, if you live in a hard water area. Add a bit more soda if this is the case.

Liquid Dishwashing Soap
Castile Soap (I use Dr. Bronner's Almond Hemp, which is in a liquid form)
Distilled White Vinegar

If you have bar soap, grate it and add to the dish water. I plan to just add the liquid soap. Add vinegar to the rinsewater to give glasses extra shine.

Both of these products have an indefinite shelf life.

On a personal note, I am vow to do my best to wash dishes in the sink the "proper" way, meaning by stopping the sink, filling with soap, water, and dishes, then rinsing. Right now, truth be told, I am the person who just let's the water run, albeit very little water, from the tap as I wash the dishes. I am afraid of sticking my hands into water I can't see through, and of unidentified "floaties" but, I know, I know, that is what rubber gloves are for. I promise, I will use them!

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