Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Died and Gone to Heaven

I decided to search the net for some vintage wallpaper the other night. Partially for some collage projects but also to actually put on the wall. In a whirlwind fashion we bought a house and start moving in this week!! I am a big fan of loud wallpaper and since our bedroom has two closets with sliding doors, one with mirrors, and the other a blank canvas of white paint, I thought I might spruce them up. I am also thinking I will make a mural using animals cut out of retro wallpaper in Quin's room. Well, it didn't take long for me to hit the mother lode of cool patterns, on sites that both offered designs based on vintage designs AND sites that offer actual vintage rolls. If you are a fan of geometric prints, floral, damask, toile or just serious eye candy, you have GOT to check out the following sites:

Johnny Tapete
This site is in Germany, but they do have an English site. They specialize in vintage wallpaper, curtains, home decor, as well as handmade accessories like hand bags, all of which are made from 1970s fabrics and are one of a kind.

Design Your Wall
This site offers wallpaper, murals, contact paper, all of which can be selected from their designs OR YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN!! Now I don't even have to become a wallpaper designer to see my owns dreams on the wall!!

This reminds me of the opening graphics of a James Bond movie...

I decided on this one for my room, so lovely!!

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sheasy said...

WOW! These are gorgeous. i love crazy wallpaper. On my last trip to Amsterdam I found a great store that sold scraps of funky wallpaper for just a couple Euro each. I love them so much I don't know if I will ever break down and use them. Hmmmm.... I have an idea. Maybe I will just frame them. I'll add it to my list of things to do!

Can't wait to hear about how the move went.