Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So, I learned a lesson... the internet is a big place! Especially when it comes to recipes. I made waffles a couple of weeks ago, using a recipe my husband found that I made while viewing his laptop. THEY WERE THE BEST DAMN WAFFLES WE HAVE EVER MADE AT HOME, which is saying something considering my record with waffles. I have tried several recipes but they are always dense, not light and fluffy. I have high standards when it comes to waffles. Mike, at Riverside, in Kingfield, Maine, where I lived for years, made the most incredible waffles and I had at least one a week. Anyway, to make a long story short as to why I am going on and on, we found a recipe for chewy on the inside, light and crispy on the outside waffles. And we were carving them again the other day. Well, neither one of us had saved the recipe to favorites, something so easy to do. I had even thought about it when making them, then forgot, DOGH! So, we spent hours looking for a new reipe and in the end it was ok, but not like the other one. Although maybe we have just idealized those first ones to the point that nothing will measure up... Hard to say, but I do believe the butter vs cooking spray on the iron for the first batch made a lot of difference. Lesson learned... and if you know of the perfect waffle recipe, please post a link!!


WPWSuperhero said...

I dont ever really like waffles but that picture makes me hungry for them!

heavens earth said...

wow! beautiful picture! if you ever find that recipe send it my way! were always looking for a new waffle recipe :)