Sunday, March 9, 2008

International Women's Day

On Friday I was lucky enough to be part of a local art show for International Women's Day! Here is the PR for the show...

"In honor of International Women's Day, the Banff YMCA and the Banff Public Library are pleased to present a Women's Art Show from March 1st - March 31st. The show features artwork by several local women working in a variety of mediums. Everyone is invited to attend the Opening Reception on Friday, March 7th from 7-9 PM at the Banff Public Library."

The library is located at 101 Bear Street. I was able to see the work when it was first hung last week because my daughter has story time at the library on Tuesdays. It all looks great! There are about 10 pieces from photography to mosaic to painting to mixed media assemblage. I submitted one fibre based black and white photograph that I hand printed in the darkroom (awhile back, I am bummed to say I do not currently have a darkroom) entitled "Heidi, Artist & Muse".

The opening was wonderful!! My friend, Mariana, came with Quin and I. It was race night for Andre at the hill but I was thrilled when he showed up at about 8:45 PM. There was delicious food and wine, including amazing cupcakes from a new local bakery called Cozy Cave. I am so bummed I didn't photograph the cupcakes!! Quin was thrilled that she was allowed to help me eat one. She held it in her two little hands like it was TREASURE :) Cozy Cave has the MOST BEAUTIFUL window displays ever. I will do a feature one day... There was even entertainment; two local women sang and Kim Mayberry, Quin and my belly dance teacher, and a librarian, AND the organizer of this event, DANCED! It was amazing! She is so great at it. She dances at The Balkan, a local Greek restaurant on Tuesday nights, in addition to teaching at the Banff Centre on Thursdays.

AND AND AND the BEST part of the evening (aside from Andre showing up as a surprise!), the icing on the cupcake, or the cherry on the cake, or the pièce de résistance was that MY PIECE SOLD!! Now, I know I am a professional artist but there is nothing like selling your work. I will never tire of it. And it is always amazing to sell it at the opening. It makes the event more memorable and I LOVE that I can meet the buyer. And in this case, I had already wanted to meet the buyer, who is a local photographer, who was also in the show. It is the highest compliment to have a fellow artist, in the same medium, buy your work! So thanks, Kirstie Tweed :) Kirstie is the owner of Orange Girl Photography in Banff. She is Orange Girl, a color we all know I am also a huge fan of! She has a lovely canvas print of a couple, the woman is pregnant, reclining on the bed with their golden retriever. I am happy to meet such a talented local photographer, as well as other artists in the community.

It was a lovely, lovely evening in celebration of women!

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Karina said...

Congrats on the Show...and the sale! Its nice to see that you are getting active and involved in Banff, as if you could sit still for a milli-second :)