Monday, March 24, 2008

Craft? Yes, yes, I do. Art, craft, fashion, decor. They all seem to be on I heard of this latest online selling community, on Create-A-Day, and then again on an Etsy forum. What peaked my interest is that this site is based out of Toronto, Ontario, CANADA! Yippee!! Although the tag line "Creativity Without Borders" indicates that everyone is welcome. And being Canadian based certainly doesn't seem to be stopping artist, crafters, and designers from all over the world from signing up. I see many familiar Etsy faces. I did join. Who can say no, when all uploads are free for one year. Traffic seems slow, and there isn't really that connected feel I get on Etsy, knowing there are tons of people on at any one time. However, if it catches on in the real world the way word has spread on Etsy, then the sky is the limit.

PS The image above is from the front page of the site. It was not taken by me.


Purple Pony Art said...

Hi there, I just got an email from them and had never heard of them before! What are the subscription fees like? It just said on their website that you could get 25% off before the end of the year, and I didn't want to register just to find out :-)

Tiffany Teske said...

Hi! I signed up when it was free uploading for life, so I have no idea. However, I only uploaded once and have never had a sale. It is something I hope to concentrate on in the new year. I know one person on there who had one sale... sorry I can't be more helpful :(