Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have been a member of OMMA (Ottawa Mixed Media Artists) for three years. While I am a professional photographer I have always liked to mix media and joining OMMA has inspired me to do that on a regular basis. It was through OMMA that I took a gelatin monoprinting workshop, which I LOVED! I hope to have the time to do more of this soon. I have the perfect venue for which to start a new series of prints. I have been chosen as the featured artist for the month of August at the new OMMA gallery. It is called D'OMMA. I will hang 5-7 pieces, and the awesome parts are that they only take a 10% commission and the gallery is in a public building that sees 10,000 people pass through it a week!

I had been thinking about monoprinting this week because I saw an article about it in the current issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and because I am going to be part of the Home Grown Art Show at the Banff Town Office in March and am planning to exhibit one of the pieces that I made at the OMMA workshop. Here it is:

It is called "Self Emerging". It includes a self portrait that I took of my feet in the grass of my yard back in Kingfield, Maine. I made the image in color while I was going to school for photography at the University of Maine.

I also made this monoprint and traded it with the workshop instructor for one of her pieces.

Here are two more in this series which I need to scan and post. This reminds me that I need to post some work to the OMMA site...

It continues to be cold here. Tonight André and I went to see The Bucket List. It was a fun movie. Off to catch some ZZZZZs now.

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