Friday, January 25, 2008

Gimme Polaroid V - Five Points Arthouse, San Francisco

Tonight is the opening for Gimme Polaroid V at the Five Points Arthouse in San Fran.

Here is some info from the their site:

"Every creative act is a sudden cessation of stupidity" Edwin H. Land

For the fifth time, Michelle Casciolo of Shady Lanes Productions is assembling Polaroid artists of all levels, ranging from emerging to established, for a spectacular event. It will be presented at FivePoints Arthouse in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco.

More than thirty artists will participate, and the work covers a very broad spectrum of styles, cultural influences and concepts. The theme of this show is work that incorporates text in some way, whether it is an intricate part of the piece, or commentary accompanying the work. Much of the work deliberately defies description and categorization. Artists include San Francisco locals, such as Brian Holliday, Daniel Dent, and Gregg Schoenberg. Julio Romano, famed hairstylist from Los Angeles, and Ramin Savar a legendary healer also from the city of angels, have also created one-of-a-kind pieces for the show. Beau Rhee, a recent graduate of Barnard in New York has contributed a video projection called l’amour fou, based on the Andre Breton novel of the same name. From across the Atlantic, Chris Keenan of Prime Objective has submitted a piece from his work documenting the aftermath of the disaster in the Bywater (upper 9th Ward) region of New Orleans. Proceeds from the sale of his work benefit the New Orleans Neighborhood Story Project.

A complete list of participating artists is below:
Amy Perl, Ashley Neese, Adam Lopez, Angela Decenzo, Beau Rhee, Brian Holliday, Cassandra Nguyen, Christine Freitas, Carrie Villines, Chris Keenan, Daniel Dent, Dominick Gambini, David Hammock, Gregg Schoenberg, Jerome Icardo, John Stanley, Julio Romano, Jon Nicholls, Jaleh Afshar, Jeff Parry, Joshua Blank, Kaet Perna, Leni Mostaghim, Loso, Michelle Yarham, Naomi Miller, Ramin Savar, Sean Tubridy, Shady Lanes, Tiffany Teske, Wren Coe.

Gimme Polaroid is a celebration of art that is fun, unpretentious and immediately gratifying.

AND here is a write up that appeared on the 7X7 Blog...

I have five pieces in the show, three of them are above. I totally wish I could be there. San Francisco is among the top three big cities I have been to that I would love to live in. The other two are New York City and Montreal (although I did live in Montreal for 3 months in 2001, while studying French at the Universite de Montreal. I lived in a closet with a closet, no windows, in the home of a friend...).

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