Monday, January 28, 2008


Ok, so I am thinking that Sunday night would be the perfect night for me to recount the new recipes, food, restaurants, etc for the week. And if anyone else would like to comment and share that would be great! I would like to talk about food, share pics, recipes, suggestions...

This was an awesome week! While shopping at Nutter's in Canmore, I found tamarindo, something our friend, Mariana, who has moved here from Mexico City had been wanting. She was THRILLED and we brought it home and she made a couple rounds of YUMMY margaritas :) A couple of weeks ago she made lime margaritas using a mix of limeade and lime sherbert. Oh so good!

This may have been the same night I made a black bean enchilada bake. Here is the recipe. I have been craving an enchilada bake since returning back from San Miguel, Mexico, on the 12th. This is a vegetarian recipe. I have been a vegetarian for 21 years, and will get into that more in a later post.

Quinlyn, my daughter, and I make crepes on a regular basis (I lived on them when I was pregnant with her) and we like to try all kinds of toppings and fillings. This week we went with an old favorite, banana walnut, and also tried fresh pineapple with yogurt. We always use real maple syrup. Since moving to western Canada we have a heard time paying 2-3 times more for it than we did in Quebec or Maine. When people come for a visit it is the one thing we ask them to bring. We scored big this week when we had friends from Ottawa who brought us a can AND a 750ml bottle arrived as a late (went to our old address first) Christmas gift (thanks, Shellen!)

I wsa able to get in some baking this week. Banana Chocolate Chunk Peanut Butter Bread (I took a hammer to the left over holiday chocolate from Bernard Callebaut, MMMMM!), Cranberry Walnut Bread, and my wonderful Ginger Oatmeal Cookies (will include the recipe someday).

Tonight we had Mushroom Fettucini using a recipe that came with our SPUD order this week. If you live in or near Calgary or Vancouver, SPUD (Small Potato Urban Delivery) is an AMAZING company that delivers organic food to your door, or the local health food store if you live in Banff, once a week. Check them out, we LOVE them!

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