Sunday, March 21, 2010

Making an Old Sweater New Again

I love hand knit sweaters, especially for kiddos. The bright colors, fun motifs, and love that go into the creation of them make me happy. The only issue I sometimes have are with the buttons; I never seem to like the ones the knitter chose and they often seem to be smaller than then the button holes so they pop open all the time. One UFO (Un-Finished Object) that has been in my sewing pile for a LONG time is this adorable sweater. Quin is now the perfect size for it but it was unwearable with the present buttons.

I started thinking about what kind of buttons I wanted a couple of weeks ago, then while in line at the local fabric store, Sugar Pine, I found them.

These yellow hearts are super cute and the orange embroidery floss makes them sing. Sweater - $6 + Buttons $3.25 = $9.25. I challenge you to take an item of clothing that you don't like and to change things about it that might make you love it. I tend to like anything I have personalized better then something I haven't. Now I have one more project down, and a delighted daughter to boot.


kimbuktu said...

You found the perfect buttons, the sweater is great.

Sandra said...

Pretty sweater and lovely little girl.