Monday, March 8, 2010

An Art Filled Weekend...

...gotta love those! Back to back art openings, yippee!


Friday night was the annual Homegrown Show at the Banff Town Hall. This show is always well attended with lots of great food and fun conversation. This year there was also live music. I can't believe that this Quin's third time at both of the show this weekend!

"See" 12.2 x 12.25"
Mixed Media by Tiffany Teske (Record album jacket, embroidery thread, original Polaroid transfer, vintage photograph copy, map, game piece, acrylic paint, stones, not shown in this photograph)
Collage from the series "Wanderlust"


The Women's Art Show at the Banff Public Library was the best ever! It has always been well attended by the participating artists but this year the public turned out in droves. It may have had something to do with this article, although the pre-press is always good. I was thrilled that my friend, Kim, who usually hosted the show for the library, participated this year with a beautiful poem about her daughter (our pieces are behind us). Last year we both had big bellies but now look at our lovely babes!

Here is a candid group shot of all the talented artists. Thanks to the YWCA & The Banff Public Library for hosting this important event centered around International Women's Day.

I Need Your Kindness 17x19"
Mixed Media by Tiffany Teske (black & white photographs, embroidery thread, vintage dictionary text, fabric, handmade paper, rick rack trim, vintage ribbon)
Proceeds to go to help build a home for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti


kimbuktu said...

It looks like a thrilling weekend, and so much fun too. Your babes are beautiful!

Anne-Marie said...

well done!!

Tiffany Teske said...

Thanks, Ladies!