Friday, March 5, 2010

How To Make Hot Fudge Sauce and French Vanilla Ice Cream

My aunt was visiting us recently and we went out for dinner. When dessert time came, I was excited to see Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Profiteroles with Kahlua Hot Fudge (check out this lovely blog I just stumbled upon for a recipe). I had been craving hot fudge for weeks so I would have eaten it on anything.

The profiteroles were scrumptious and I give them a A+ for presentation (see photo above) but, alas, the hot fudge sauce tasted like Hershey's chocolate syrup. It was not at all fudgy. I decided it was time to try this recipe...

Ben & Jerry's Hot Fudge Sauce
From Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book

Ingredients (I use organic where ever possible)

- 4 oz unsweetened chocolate
- 1/2 cup (1 stick) of butter
- 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
- 2 cups sugar
- 1/2 cup milk
- 1/2 cup heavy cream or whipping cream

1. In double boiler, melt chocolate and butter, stirring frequently. Whisk in cocoa powder until dissolved.

2. Gradually stir in sugar; the mixture will resemble wet sand (see photo above). Cook over simmering water for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Check water level of double boiler, adding more if necessary.

3. Gradually stir in milk and cream. Continue stirring until completely blended. Continue cooking for 1 hour, stirring and checking water level occasionally. The sauce is ready when completely smooth and all sugar is dissolved.

Yields 1 quart

This recipe is simple but requires a bit of babysitting. I was able to make it while my aunt and I cooked a delicious dinner. We put it on Ben & Jerry's French Vanilla Ice Cream, which I whipped up in our Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Ben & Jerry's French Vanilla Ice Cream
From Ben & Jerry's Homemade Ice Cream and Dessert Book

Ingredients (I use organic where ever possible)

- 2 large eggs
- 3/4 cup sugar
- 2 cups heavy whipping cream
- 1 cup milk
- 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. Whisk the eggs in a mixing bowl until light and fluffy, 1 to 2 minutes.
2. Whisk in the sugar, a little at a time, then continue whisking until completely blended, about 1 minute more. Pour in the cream, milk, and vanilla and whisk to blend.
3. Transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and freeze following the manufacturer's instructions.

Makes 1 Quart

This was super delicious and satiated my craving perfectly... It has been a hit in our house all week.


Serena said...

Mmmm looks so good!!!

Not sure if you have a M&M food store in Banff? the store itself is full of prepackaged garbage! but they carry the most amazing icecream! we found out the other day that their ice cream is made by Ben & Jerry's! (who I love!)off to enjoy "If I had a 1,000,000 flavors" :)

Anne-Marie said...

YUM! I think i may know which restaurant you went to! Can't wait to try this one-though maybe not for a few days as we still have a little bit of bday cake left-C. is 5 today-from the cozy cave-do u know they are selling the bakeshop?

Tiffany Teske said...

Hi Serena! I nearly fainted when I thought you were going to recommend M&M Food Shops ;) I had no idea their ice cream is Ben & Jerry's. Did you know that Ben & Jerry are no longer a part of the company? I have been to their factory in Vermont, back in 1993. I have been a fan ever since...

Hi Anne-Marie! I am sure you do know which restaurant... I had an amazing meal, and the dessert looked gorgeous, in fact, I think I am going to go back and add the photo I took of it because I was soooo impressed with the presentation. Are you affliated with the restaurant or are you just a fan? Whose birthday? Happy birthday! MMMMMMM! Cozy cave birthday cake, yum! I do know about Alannah selling. I am bummed, but I figure it gives me a reason to indulge until the end of August, and I think Alannah has something awesome just around the corner. One door closes, another opens... Babytime on Wednesday?