Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to School (Or Actually FIRST DAY EVER at School)

Quin went to her preschool for the first time today! It is a day she has been looking forward to since last winter. It must be so difficult when you are young and your parents keep telling you that you can do something "someday". And then closer to the time they start saying "soon". But with very little concept of time, it must be confusing... anyway, the day FINALLY arrived. We were sorry to miss the corn husk potluck where all the families got together and the trial day of class because we were away for my grandfather's funeral. Quin is an independent little girl so she basically had no reservations about just jumping right in today. I, on the other hand, wondered about what I have gotten myself into since we now go from getting up at 9 AM, to getting up at 7 AM two days a week. I know, I know, I have been sleeping in long enough. Andre made the morning better by making crepes for breakfast. Yummy! He was also able to come with us to school, thanks to being able to attend a meeting via phone while Quin was in class. What we would we all do without laptops and cell phones? It meant so much to her to have all of us there to drop her off and to pick her up.

Quin is attending a French preschool in another town. We are bummed that we don't have this option in our town, but since Andre is French, and since I know what a gift it is to know another language, since I have been struggling as an adult to try to learn French, it was important to us. We don't do a lot of driving in our daily lives, and walking to school would be amazing, but this is the way it goes. Emmanuelle and I have two hours to kill while Q is at school AND THE LIBRARY IS NOT EVEN OPEN!! It opens at 11AM! And you thought I slept in! I guess we will be spending time visiting friends, going to the thrift shop, and maybe getting crafty with some fellow crafty divas. It will work itself out but I am bummed about no library. The good news is that although Q is not fluent in French, she had a great first day, understood her teacher, and can't wait to go back! She is a sponge waiting to soak it all up.

Preschoolers need very few school supplies. A shirt for making art, which we had thanks to the Playground Pals Program in our neighborhood this summer; a change of clothes; two big glue sticks; indoor shoes that stay at school; a lunch bag and water bottle for snack; a scrapbook; a backpack; and a 3 ring binder. Makes me want to go to school, sounds like a lot of eating, and art making, and playing going on. I spiffed up Q's three ring binder with some sparkly, decorative paper and permanent ink and letter stamps. It doesn't take much to make a little one feel special. And Daddy pointed out how no one else will have a binder like hers. I hope she is happy being an individual for the rest of her life...

I had thought to send Q to school in pants but got nostalgic for my childhood and decided that the first day of school is a great day to wear a special dress. She wore one of my favorites of her handmade dresses. This sweet owl pinafore is from Humble Bea on Etsy. If you like it, here is the link. She is a great Etsy seller with over a thousand sales and 100% positive feedback. Super talented, too! (Oh geez, I just went to check out her shop and now I feel like shopping, so many cute things...).

Coincidentally, Emmanuelle also had a first today. Not to be out done by her sis, she rolled over, and laid on her tummy and held her head up like a champ while Quin proudly cheered her on. What a proud mommy I am!!


Anonymous said...

I am so honored to know that the adorable little Miss Quin wore my pinafore on her very first day of school!

Have fun in school, Quin!!! Remember to be the individual that you are! Say hello to your little sister for me~ she's precious!

Natalie (-:

Tiffany Teske said...

Thanks so much, Natalie! I can't wait to see our new clothes. You do such a great job!! I know we will love them...