Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Handmade Gift to Cherish - A Quilt from Great Great Aunt Rosann

My mother recently sent a box of goodies for Quin and Emmanuelle. Most of the items for Quin were clothes and shoes for starting preschool. Quin was thrilled! I don't know what we would do without Grandma. Not that we don't have plenty of clothes but Grandma has good taste, loves to shop, and she buys new items that both Quin and Emmanuelle will be able to get some wear out of, while I go to the consignment or thrift shops and gladly take all my friends hand - me - downs. Quin enjoys all of it, and I have taught her to appreciate both the old and the new.

Anyway, I just went off on a tangent... back to the post. My mom had mentioned that my Great Aunt, Rosann, had given her a quilt to give me for Emmanuelle. Inside the box was this quilt. I loved it at first sight but fell even deeper in love when I read the note from Rosann. You can read it below... just click on the image to make it larger...

This quilt was made and ties by my Great Aunt Rosann, who is my children's GREAT GREAT Aunt, along with women who knew my Great Grandmother, Gerda, who was the GREAT GREAT Grandmother of my children. That is so awesome!! It is truly something to cherish. We will likely use this quilt everyday, as I am one of those people who thinks you should use your good stuff, not pack it away from the light of day. Not to mention that in the note Rosann says she hopes we "enjoy using it." This quilt will keep us warm, be used to make a fort, will have dolls wrapped in it, and in fact just yesterday it was on the floor on top of some other blankets and Quin was using it as a ship. She had all her little stuffies and doll friends on it, it was adorable. We were able to see Rosann at the funeral and to thank her in person for her thoughtful gift.

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Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Such a super pretty Quilt from your Great Aunt. Wow! I'm with you on the use the "good stuff" and don't pack it away. Love the pics. :)