Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Ongoing Effort to Organize My Studio Part 1

My Wall O Shelves BEFORE:

My Wall O Shelves AFTER:

I got these curtains, 6 panels in fact, from someone I know on FreeCycle. I used four of them here, they were pretty sheer, so I doubled them up. They were too long, with an unfinished edge, and I hemmed them with Pellon. You can see my other post about hemming with Pellon here. Ahhhh, so nice to have some of the mess hidden behind a wall of shocking pink...


Anonymous said...

Nice one!
You've gone curtain crazy!
Its all that Pollen...never heard of it before
that Wunder under stuff we got in canmore might work too, if you cut it in strips

Tiffany Teske said...

Hey K, it is the same stuff we bought in Canmore... I thought it was Wunder Under but the instruction sheet she included is for Pellon...