Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ahhhh, Rejection....

Go Fly Away Home, Mixed Media Piece, by Tiffany Teske

Never a fun thing, but it is better to have tried and to be rejected than to never have lifted a finger to try. I take rejection in stride. You never know what other things may come from it. I have a friend who even made an art exhibit based on rejection. I am a bit funny when I am contacted via email by a place I have submitted to. It takes me awhile to even open the email, not sure whether I have been accepted or rejected. Once the initial realization of the reality is processed, it is pretty easy to move on...

Tremendous Journey, Mixed Media Piece, by Tiffany Teske

Anyway, I have submitted my recycled mixed media series, Wanderlust, to Cloth, Paper, Scissors. The reason I am writing about it here is that each of the pieces, which are made on record album jackets, has some form of one of my Polaroid transfers or Polaroids on it. Either as an original transfer or as a copy in a bamboo tile. I just made a slide show of the images to the right, if you would like to see them. And the Artist Statement for the Series is below...

Road Trip, Mixed Media Piece, by Tiffany Teske

Artist's Statement for Wanderlust:

Long before talk of fossil fuels and the environmental footprint of travel dominated the news, people have had the need to explore their surroundings and beyond. This wanderlust is practical for some, while for others it is about adventure, curiosity, and a need to have new experiences. The reason that people travel, both now and in the past, are many. I seek to explore these reasons in my newest body of mixed media work. Using recycled materials, including Polaroid transfers made for past exhibitions, I have created a series of collages on 12 1/4" by 12 1/4" thrifted record album jackets. As someone who suffers from a serious need to roam and to learn new things, the concept of wanderlust appeals to me. As someone who is currently grappling with the present state of our world and how best to explore it while keeping my enviromental impact to a minimum, I am presenting an alternative to actual travel for the viewer. My hope is that these works will provide you with a green way to wander, by using your imagination in collaboration with my visuals.


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