Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crafting with Our Senior Friends

My inlaws are visiting but they took the opportunity to make a two day trip to Golden, BC, to ski Kicking Horse. So, I brought Quin to the class I had to teach at Mount Edith House on Tuesday. I knew that Sue and I would be working with the residents to dye Easter eggs, so I knew Quin would enjoy it. Turns out two other children joined us, since they are on what is called March break (even if it is April...).

Sue outdid herself this time. I always wonder why she even hires me to come and "teach" since she is the one who gathers all the supplies and then gets right into it. I pick the project, and I guess I am there as the "expert" but she is so organized and into it, that I always feel like I am not earning my keep. This time she has gathered pussy willows, rice, and brightly colored plant pots, and when I got there, she had the other little girl filling the pots with rice. Quin helped, too. The other girl must be about 7 years old. She was very kind to Quin.

Soon after the girls had set the pots up on the table, and our senior friends had gathered, Sue and I decided that since we didn't have access to a stove top, that we should scrap our original dying idea (which I will blog about in my next post) and she opened up the various dye kits she had that involved drawing and painting color onto hollow eggs. These techniques worked very well for Quin, who got right into it, with the help of a friend of mine's very sweet grandmother. By the end of an hour, the table was full of beautiful egg creations and pussy willow trees. I think I like Easter a bit more each year. Maybe it is because each year I look more forward to spring...

Another successful social crafting session with our local friends!

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