Friday, September 23, 2011

End of the Season at Cascade Gardens

About two weeks ago my kiddos, our neighbour, Sue, & I took a walk into town. It was a beautiful Saturday, and while I usually have a ton on my plate, I had nothing that needed to be done. My hubby was finishing up a painting project in our garage, and needed the kids, who associate Daddy with bikes and play time if he is near the garage, out of his hair. We ambled to town, where a triathlon was finishing up. One of the things I like most about living in a National Park, is that there is always something going on. We walked to Shakes, to have one of our favourite things, Bubble Tea. If you have not had one, find somewhere to try one, NOW! I became addicted to them when I lived in Ottawa, and could get them on Somerset in Chinatown. On our walk back home, we stopped at the Cascade Gardens, which provide a lovely little shortcut to our house. The Gardens were amazing, and I kicked myself for normally walking the other way to town. How could I have been missing all of these beautiful poppies and African daisies? As tourists snapped away, so did I. And I felt grateful, once again, to live in such an amazing place, and happy that we walked through the gardens before the frosty mornings got to the flowers.

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