Thursday, September 29, 2011

Craft Paddling in Lake Louise & Banff

Personalized Paddles

I live in a postcard. I live in Banff National Park, a town that only has 8,244 people, but that hosts 5 million visitors each year. Banff is a small town (although I have lived in a towns of 225 people and 1,000 people, so it isn't really THAT small) that is also very cosmopolitan. I love living here, as an artist there are many opportunities to connect with locals and visitors alike, through teaching classes, participating in festivals and special events, as well as by showing my work in exhibitions. This summer I was given the opportunity to have an ongoing arts & crafts gig with Banff Heritage Tourism. John Bowden, the director of BHT, originally asked my friend, prolific artist and children's book author, Max Elliott, who was in the middle of some projects, and who recommended me (thanks, Max!). John worked with the Banff High School shop class to have miniature paddles made that kids and adults alike have had the opportunity to paint, collage, and draw on, while enjoying Banff. So far, I have helped out on three different dates, with one more to come. If you are in Banff this Saturday, October 1st, we will be outside the Banff Park Museum from noon to 4 PM, as part of the Alberta Arts Days Weekend.

My kiddos at Lake Louise

My most recent date was a couple of weeks ago in Lake Louise. I really enjoy any chance I have to spend time in this beautiful place. Like Banff, it is so rich in history, and so many people that I know, including my father as a boy, have been to this place. We stay in Lake Louise every November during the Men's Work Cup Downhill, but had not been there since then. Andre brought our kids out to meet up with me, and to take in an aboriginal performance happening in tandem with the paddle painting. All in all, a wonderful day in Banff National Park. 

Touching the Lake

Below you will see a little photo essay on the paddle painting fun...

PS I would like to thank Adrienne Lawlor, and Maya and Liam Baylis for helping me out of a jam during one of the paddle painting dates. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!!


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thanks for the travelogue; you live in one of Dave's favorite places and one I'd love to visit.

Tiffany Teske said...

Sandra, if you ever DO visit, PLEASE let me know!!