Friday, November 19, 2010

365 Days with Kiddos - #19 - Celebrate National Child Day (Canada)

Did you know that November 20th is National Child Day in Canada? Our community is hosting a wonderful free Kid's Karnival at the local YWCA. There will be face painting, circus themed fun, crafts, and more. My kiddos and I can't wait to go. Check out what it available in your community. Since this year it falls on a Saturday there is likely to be something bigger than usual. Enjoy!

About Canada's national "Child Day"
(Taken from this website)

Canada's national "Child Day" is held November 20th each year as enacted in Bill C-371, otherwise known as the Child Day Act, by the Parliament of Canada in 1993.

It commemorates the United Nations adoption of two landmark documents concerned with the human rights of all children and youths.

On "Child Day", Canadians honour our children and The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of The Child on November 20th, 1959, and the The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child on November 20th, 1989.

The Convention spells out the basic human rights to which children (under the age of 18) everywhere are entitled.

The purpose of Child Day is to promote awareness about the Convention to Canadians .

It is also a day to support Canadian children's rights by voicing your concerns about Canadian children's rights violations to the politicians of Canada and to educate our children about their rights and responsibilities.

Images by Tiffany Teske
I took these images of children in Haiti. Their smiles are so bright. When I wanted images to represent the spirit of children, I thought of these right away...

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