Tuesday, November 9, 2010

365 Days with Kiddos - #17 - Make Creativity Journals Using Recycled Paper & Books

If you have kids you probably have them... books that have wrecked bindings, ripped or missing pages, or maybe so much doodling on some pages that they are ready to be tossed. Instead of tossing them you can use them for many projects, including for making creativity journals. This is a simple project that along with other paper destined for recycle bin is a great way to save paper.

Creativity Journals
By Tiffany Teske

- Delapidated book
- Paper that needs to be recycled, like printer paper that is printed on one side, old notebook paper or filler paper, drawing or construction paper from mostly used books, your child's art work, etc
- A cover for your book, either a soft book cover or cardboard from packaging
- Scissors or paper cutter
- Office type comb binding punch machine for use with wire or plastic comb bindings
- Wire or plastic comb binding that fits your punch
*For a variation
- Three ring binder punch
- hinged key chain rings if using a three hole punch

1. Trim down paper to a size that fits in your binding machine. All of your pages do not need to be the same size as long as the largest size fits in your punch. Lay out your book whatever way you like with smaller pages contained inside large ones. Once you have your book the way you want it, use binder clips to hold the "spine" in place.
2. Put your book into your punch all at once or in sections.
3. Put your comb binding into the machine and make your book.

Instead of using an comb binding machine you can three hole punch your book and then used hinged key chain rings to hold the book together. There are many many ways a book can be bound. If you are looking for other ways just google "book binding".

In the book shown we used all-purpose kid's craft paper from a book we found partially used at the thrift store, and an old book that had come apart. We put a piece of paper, then a book page, then paper, then a book page. I made this book before we headed out for a summer plane trip. It was a good way to combine a book to read with paper for drawing in a way that was compact and contained. We also brought along crayon cakes, which will not roll off a plane tray table onto the floor...


Rachel said...

I love this idea for reusing old books - I hate to throw a book away, even if it is worn out. This would make a great adult journal, too. I will have to try it. thanks.

Tiffany Teske said...

Thanks, Rachel. Yes, it is also a wonderful idea for adult journals. Enjoy and thanks for your comment :)

joon said...

Hi Tiff!

I want one of those binding machines so badly...I have for a very long time. Cute book and cuter child. :) Glad you are well and happy. oxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

only you would have a comb binding machine...!
looks like a handy tool to have around the house :)

Tiffany Teske said...

Hi Joonie :) Great to hear from you. I am sure you can find an old binder machine somewhere... I would lend you mine but they weight a ton! I hope all is well...

Hi K :) Yes, yes I DO own a binder machine amongst all the crazy stuff I hoard in my studio. It is quite handy. And actually, it belongs to Norquay, so Andre only brings it home from time to time. How did all your recent art activities go? Hugs T