Tuesday, November 16, 2010

365 Days with Kiddos - #18 - Record Your Child's Stories

We have all wished we had written down something sweet or funny that our child said. We thought we would remember, but then it was gone. Time flies and in the hustle bustle things get lost. Today's post is simple. It just requires a little quality time, a pen, pencil, or crayon, and some paper. Sit down with your child and ask them to tell you a story. We like to do this at bed time, after we have read some stories, but it can be done anytime. At first your child may only have one or two lines but if you do this regularily they will get better and better at making up stories and become eager to share them with you. I would suggest dedicating a whole journal to these stories. You could start out by making a creativity journal from recycled paper and books. Or, if you prefer to film or record these little story sessions and have the necessary equipment, by all means, do that. As your child grows and changes, so will the stories. In the future you will be able to see the growth of your child and to recall memories of the things going on in their lives by each story, kind of like when you look through a photo albums and the photos jog your memory. These memories will be something you will look back on and be oh so very happy that you took the time to record.


Serena said...

What a beautiful idea ♥

robyn said...

Love this post Tiffany! When we little our family didn't have a video camera, but what my mom did was sit us down around a tape recorder and tell stories. They were so precious to listen to as we got older. My brother kept in the habit as he got a bit older and recorded "radio shows" with his friends. Almost 20 years later he now calls those his "pre-podcasts"