Saturday, April 10, 2010

Robin Red Breast & Cozy Cave Cake

A couple of days ago I saw a robin red breast land on the freshly fallen snow. It made me smile and roll my eyes at the irony of what is called spring in our area. We seem to have had more snow since the first day of spring than we had all winter.

For my three year old daughter's Easter bunny gift, I bought a cake from my friend, Alannah's, amazing bakery, Cozy Cave Bakehouse. My 10 month old and I walked to town in a spring blizzard to buy it (another spring blizzard, more irony). What I love about Alannah's creations, next to the taste, is how beautiful they look and how much attention to detail she puts in the packaging. I could have bought anything chocolate that day but I bought the cake because we could share it, it was indeed a chocolate egg, and because of the vintage egg shaped box it came in. Thanks to Cozy Cave we have one awesome Easter bunny who comes to our house. He also brought the most delicious iced sugar cookies...

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