Friday, April 9, 2010

Kitchen Boutique Blog & My New Savers

Last week I discovered a new kitchen blog. I read a lot of cooking blogs so I was thrilled to find out that a local kitchen store where I shop has their own blog. Kitchen Boutique has locations in Canmore and Cochrane. I have bought everything from a cast iron crepe pan to Epicurean cutting boards to heart shaped cookie cutters from them. We don't live in a area with big box stores, something I am grateful for because I like to be able to support small local businesses. I think of Kitchen Boutique whenever I am needing something specific for my kitchen that I can't wait for or don't think I can find at the thrift shop.

And now that I know they have a blog I will think of them even more. Their blog is a mix of recipes, cooking and kitchen related tips, product features, and store news. They also have giveaways. In fact, I won four food savers (the garlic one is on order) on their blog by reading the giveaway posts and posting comments on each topic. Aren't they adorable? And functional. I am always put leftover onions, tomatoes, and peppers in reusable containers but now I can use these containers that help me easily identify and keep them fresher longer.

And talk about service! Claire, one of Kitchen Boutique's owners, hand delivered my prizes to me on the Friday of Easter weekend. I believe she lives in Cochrane and I am so glad she was coming to my area and willing to drop them off because I got to meet her in person. Thanks, Claire!

If you don't live in my area you can still enjoy the Kitchen Boutique blog. Recent posts include tips on how to make a show piece meringue, the right wine glass to use for what wine, and how to throw a raclette party (something I was excited to read since we were given a raclette for a wedding gift in 2003 and we still need to use it!).


Serena said...

You need to use your raclette!!! I can't believe you haven't used it yet, we love ours ♥ especially in the fall and winter!

Tiffany Teske said...

I am on it! I wanted to do it when my inlaws were here but we never got around to it...

Anonymous said...

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