Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Off to a Good Home in Hawaii - "Becoming Whole" Polaroid Emulsion Lift Original

For me, a lot of creating art is about the process. I am always thrilled with the final result, but am addicted to the rush I get while I am creating, or dreaming of when I will have the next block of time to create. That being said, there are some pieces that I am attached to. After all, creating each piece is actually birthing them, and how can you part with your children? One piece that is about to leave the nest is "Becoming Whole", a Polaroid Emulsion Lift Original that I created a few years ago. The image was originally shot on slide film, and one of my best friends, Jeanne, who lives in my old stomping grounds in Maine, is the model. The lift is on watercolour paper and is approximately 5x7". On an interesting side note, it caught the eye of artist, Darlene Olivia McElroy, who asked to features the piece on her website for her book, Image Transfer Workshop. She doesn't cover the process in her book but she wants to inspire others with examples of what can be done with transfers. Anyway, I am happy to share that this piece is going to a previous buyer whom I consider a friend. Arlene Solomon lives in Hawaii, and is a talented photographer and massage and movement therapist who purchased three of my Polaroid transfer originals for her studio. I am so excited that she also wants to give a home to "Becoming Whole". Maybe I will make it to Hawaii someday to see my work and Arlene at her studio...

Now that the original is sold I will be offering a limited edition of 15 5x7" prints of this piece for $30 each. If you are interested in a print, please leave a comment here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tif
just caught up on some of your posts! WOW you're a busy lady! Congrats on all your activities and creations, I don't know where you find the time to blog as well!? Wonderful wonderful! Enjoy your summer times!