Thursday, May 8, 2008


What. SNOW. Again?!!

Ok, this is getting a bit ridiculous. I mean, yesterday, we were out walking without coats, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the heat was off, we even broke out the bubbles. Now, there is another foot of wet snow. It started before we awoke. It fell all day. It is Andre’s fault since yesterday he took the winter tires off of the car because, “there won’t be anymore snow...”. I told him to not say that out loud. He did it again. Now this. The world is once again a winter wonderland. I headed to Canmore for a haircut and had to turn back after only a few KM. I could not see 5 ft in front of me. It was ridiculous. It would have taken me forever to get there, and then back. No thanks. My neighbour did the same. And she was headed there for work. Not worth it, she said. So, instead I made Polaroids, Quin watched Sesame Street, we had lunch, napped. It was glorious for the most part. I did tons of laundry and ironed for the first time in ages. We will be all set for our Minneapolis trip.

This evening I had my second sewing class, at the Banff High School, about 3 blocks away. I love the class and the instructor. She is so positive, bubbly without being too bubbly, just a great person. Tonight, I hemmed two pair of pants, which is a bit boring for most but was a THRILL for me, because I now have two more wearable pairs of pants in my wardrobe, and a new, useful skill under my belt. It was a fun combo of machine and hand sewing. And I will use it a lot in the future, since I am not short but pants are always too long. Yippee for sewing!

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sheasy said...

SNOW! It's been so long since I have seen it, it blows my mind that everywhere else people are STILL getting snow. I've always wanted to take a sewing class - that is great.