Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Work - "Good News"

I have been meaning to post some of my newest work. I will do that in a couple of posts since I am badly in need of my bed...

Good News (Full View)
Mixed Media Collage by Tiffany Teske

About Good News
My mother-in-law recently sent me some family photographs, including the one of the women in this piece. They were blueberry picking. I loved the sisterhood I felt from the photo and the nostalgia I felt for the days I used to go blueberry picking while living in Maine. I decided to collage the photograph onto one of my own photographs. The background photograph is an image I originally shot on Polaroid Spectra film, of a field in Alberta where I now live (although I live in the mountains). I scanned the image, saturated the colors, and printed it onto regular photo paper. I then hand sewed the vintage buttons onto the piece, in bunches, to resemble balloons, but also to symbolize memories of the past, being carried on the wind. I like how some of the threads of the different bunches are intertwined, like the lives of these women. And how one woman doesn't have any balloons... The birds are images that I love to use in my work, for their beauty and freedom. The fortune cookie fortune "Good news will come to you from far away" speaks to the future, but also of the distance of the past. The primary color palette is cheerful. The photograph has scalloped edges to go with the vintage theme and it is mounted onto a sewing pattern on canvas. It is 8x8".

Good News (Detail)

Good News (Detail)


Cosmic Noodles said...

I love it Tiffany!
Do you sell your pieces by any chance?

Tiffany Teske said...

Thank you, CN :) I do sell my work. I have an Etsy shop that is mostly photography but I do want to start including my collages. I also have a bunch of work for sale right now in a gallery in Ottawa. And the rest I try to put up on Flickr and here on my blog. I am not a great salesperson so I really mostly sell when someone approaches me.

Cosmic Noodles said...

Awesome, thanks Tiffany I'll check it out on Etsy! :)