Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance for My Friend, Serena!!

I am a die hard fan of creative magazines. A junky really (for another post)... I collect them all but currently subscribe to only one, Cloth Paper Scissors. I love it sooooooooooo much! The lastest issue arrived while we were on our recent trip to Kelowna (more on this as soon as Andre remembers to bring MY USB cord for MY camera back from HIS office!!) I am always thrilled to see the newest issue, it makes me all aflutter. I did get to look at it for a couple of minutes the other evening while breastfeeding my youngest. Then, tonight, while doing the same, I looked at the cover. I mean REALLY looked at the cover, and thought "Wow, either Serena wrote an article for CPS, or someone else is copying her work..." I just about ripped the magazine in two looking for the article, and then I saw the byline, "Serena Wilson Stubson". Then, I did the happy dance for my lovely friend from Winnepeg. Way to go, Serena!! If I had not been in such a inward daze lately, I would have seen the news on your blog (or actually heard it from you personally). Hugs to you!


Isolde said...

This is my favorite magazine too and I loved this article! It's inspired me to go back to my can lids and get going on some more collage work!

Serena said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for such a wonderful post about my art and Cloth Paper Scissors magazine! You are way too sweet ♥