Thursday, June 11, 2009

Etsy Baby Shower Gifts - Part One - Lynn's Lovelies

This spring I was fortunate enough to participate in a very special baby shower. A large group event, it included people from all over the WORLD, and it was actually "virtual". Etsy sellers who make items for babies, got together to throw a baby shower for Esty Sellers who were having babies. My Etsy friend, HeavensEarth, told me about the opportunity. I was assigned to four lovely Etsians, and each one sent me a LOVELY gift for my babe-to-be. I had originally thought to showcase each seller, and the images I had taken of their gifts, right away, but then life got in the way, and well, now my baby-to-be is here! She is about two and half weeks old, which means that some of the items already fit. I figured it would be more fun to show my images AND the images of my baby, Emmanuelle, wearing the items that were made with such care and generosity.

Let's start with LynnsLovelies.

Lynn emailed me to introduce herself and to ask me what colors I like. I told her orange and pink, and that I like bold colors. She specifically crocheted a custom gift for Emmanuelle. I enjoyed communicating with Lynn. She has since sent me a lovely email. And she packaged her gift in bright colors with a nice handwritten note, and dried rose petals. She has gone above and beyond in her kindness.

Lynn's attention to the details really shows. Both in her packaging and in her handiwork. Many of the items in Lynn's shop are in sweet pastel colors, but I love that she created an amazing set of hat and booties that is so flashy, fresh, and fun. I am sure if you like something in Lynn's shop, but you would like it to be changed to suit your tastes, that she would be happy to oblige.

And now for La Belle Emmanuelle modeling Lynn's creations...

(Don't you just LOVE the scalloped edge on this sweet little hat?)

(And the super cute milk tongue on Emmanuelle?)

(And the sweet little buttons in the middle of the adorable flowers on these booties?)

(I even love the little hole in the top of the hat, which I am told is common for crocheted work, which goes out from the middle).

Thank you so much, Lynn! It means so much to me that my little one, who is the second girl in our family, has some handmade items that she can call her very own. We will cherish them!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Tiffany, Emmannuelle is just so beautiful!! I am delighted that her little hat and bootie set firs so well.
You are so very welcome, and it has been an absolute joy to meet you and an honor to have made this for your sweet little angel!
Stop by my blog, when you get a chance...

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

OMG! That is too cute. Emmannuelle is just tooooooo cute in this baby gift! ♥♥

heavens earth said...

Oh Emmannuelle is so precious!!! I love the rainbow hat and booties! :)