Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still Snowing, So How About Some Strawberry Shortcake?

We live in a place where snow flurries are still falling, although it is mid May. This kind of weather, this time of year, makes people a bit out of sorts. We had a kind of cranky day, until it was time to make dinner and dessert. I will post about dinner later, let's go straight to dessert. I needed some inspiration for meals this week, so I took out one of my old notebooks that I have recipes taped into. This one I made while living in Maine, and it has tons of strawberry recipes on the first several pages. One is for Strawberry Shortcake. Always a lovely dessert and so easy. While I was not able to go to my beloved pick-your-own strawberry field in Farmington, Maine, the berries we got from the local market were sweet without adding sugar. There is just something so special about the taste of summer. And as my husband pointed out as he watched Q & I roll out the shortcake dough and cut them into circles, "How can you be unhappy when you have little homemade cakes on a snowy day?" Exactly why it was the perfect time to have strawberry shortcake, a way of denying the crazy weather.

Here is the recipe. I was going to retype it, but I like this photo, and I am working on borrowed time, since we will welcome a new baby girl in three weeks or less...

Yummy fresh cakes!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE if you have an electric or hand mixer, make fresh whipped cream. It is sooooooooo much better than anything at the store. It may have a lot of fat, but it doesn't have much sugar, and none of those nasty additives and preservatives. My grandmother has always made the whipped cream from scratch, and I will never serve cool whip, thanks to her example.

And besides, when you make it fresh, there is always someone who will be thrilled to lick the beaters!

Baking with my wonderful girl and my 37 week baby bump :)

It's ready! YUM!

Images by Tiffany Teske

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