Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Recommendation - Canadian Rockies ABC by Max Elliott

Our family enjoys going to art exhibitions, and we tend to go to a lot of them due to my profession. And while these events are often more geared to adults, on Saturday evening we went to a special event where the art was for children. Local Banff artist, Max Elliott, whom I have been a part of the Banff Public Library's Women's Art Show with for the last three years, has just released a children's book! I got a bit of a heads up that she was creating for a picture book at my Library show opening last fall. I was looking forward to seeing the finished book and was excited when Max invited us to her opening and book signing. It all took place at the Whyte Museum on the same evening painter, Robert Sinclair, had an opening. The place was packed! We made our way downstairs to where Max was signing her book, surrounded by the artwork from the book on the walls of the Swiss Guides Room.

Canadian Rocky ABC is a lovely ABC book about life in the Rockies. The illustrations are in mixed media, about 30 in all (as some are a double page spread). I love the idea of seeing each page's artwork framed at an exhibition where the book is being sold. I have never been to a show like that. Quin & I waited in line to congratulate Max and to have her sign our book. It was special for both of us and as an artist I felt so excited for Max, who must have been on cloud nine with such a large number of local supports there to cheer on the completion and presentation of an amazing project. Yah, Max!

Artist & Author Max Elliott with Quin


Michelle | Sticker Printing said...

Aww cute bear he looks so sleepy chilling out in that tree. Didn't know they can climb that high.

Tiffany Teske said...

Thanks for your comment, Michelle! I asked my friend and she assures me that bears are great climbers, hence, the advice to climb a tree if being chased by a bear is not good advice...